July Glossybox Unboxing

It finally arrived after what seemed like a really long wait this month and I have to say it seems so far to have been worth the wait. This months Glossybox features 5 full sized products that will all be making their way into my “try this” pile. First up we have UTAN & Tone gradual facial tanning night cream. I am excited to try this out to see what shade it will develop into as some days I don’t have the tine or the energy to be putting on a full face of make-up but look so pasty and washed out without one. Hopefully this will provide a good glow without turning me orange, I will update everyone accordingly. **Update I tried this out on Friday night and it was great. It was a slight colour so no oompa loompa face and with cocoa brown tan on my body and neck it blended in really well. It has a lovely fragrance and dries in well so thumbs up from me. 

Next up is the Hawaiian Tropic factor 25 lip gloss. Now unfortunately for me I don’t know if there will be much need for this product for what is left of the Irish summer, however it is berry scented and I am a sucker for the berry scent. It is a nice texture too and I think I will be a nice sister and donate it to my big sis for her holidays next week. Again I will be sure to update with her trusted opinion when she gets home. 

Next up is the icons Milano mascara. First impression here is that there is nothing inside the tube to remove the excess from the brush so it comes out pretty fully loaded. I ended up having to scrape it off the edges of the tube for my second eye. It took a while to dry and there was a little bit of transfer to under my eyebrow trough the night. It was a nice texture and didn’t clump but I did have to reapply it as my lashes started to loose their oomph. It’s not my favourite mascara from Glossybox but it’s not bad either.

I like to finish on a positive when I can so the second last product will be not so great. It is the Hairon detangling brush. My first issue with this brush was that the box looked like it had been dropped or found down the back of a shelf after 12 moths of hiding. It was tatty and the name was starting to scrape off as you can kind of see in my pictures. Then when I took the brush itself out I had the same issue, there was dirt marks on the back that wouldn’t wipe off and scrape marks again like it had been dropped or scrope up against something else out of the box. Now it’s not the worst detangling brush in the world. It didn’t cause any damage to the hair but some of my more stuck in knots wouldn’t budge with this. The bristles just bent and didn’t go through it. It would be perfect for younger girls who have hair that is less damaged but unfortunately my dry balyage ends were just too much for this brush. 

And now for the positive note and my goodness is it positive. I have been wanting to get my hand on a blank canvas brush for a while as I have always heard great things about them, but when it came to buying new brushes I always seemed to forget they were out there. Not anymore. Enter stage left the blank canvas F20 HD Buffer Brush. It says on their website for a HD finish use this brush to stipple or buff in your foundation, and because the fibres are synthetic you can use any type of foundation be it liquid, cream or powder and it actually buffs in for a flawless finish. Even on my giant pore covered face it was a close to an airbrush finish as I will ever get I think. And look at the colour of it. I mean really can it do no wrong?

So that is it for this months Unboxing, all in all a more positive experience than others. I will do an update on the products from May and June’s boxes as I never did an Unboxing then and I will let you all know what are my faves and what didn’t make the cut from the products in those boxes. Thanks for checking in. 

Steph Xxx 


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