NYX Cosmetics 

The day is finally here, NYX Cosmetics have finally made their amazing and vast range of products available in boots stores across the country. You could always order online but now you can go in store and swatch to your hearts content.  Nothing beats being able to see a product in real life before you buy it. So as could only be expected I went in store and picked up a few bits.  

Let’s start with the eyes. I picked up a brow mascara similar to benefit gimme brow and I love it. I have very dark brows and find it hard to fill them without them looking painted on. This is so easy and convenient. It only took about 5 minutes to do both brows and the colour was perfect.  I got espresso, it’s the darkest shade of brown you can get. I also got a felt tip eyeliner marker. There is 3 different types I think. I opted for the skinny marker purely because I already have a chunky one and wanted something I could use everyday.  I love it. It dries water proof and stayed all day and night until I took it off, 12 noon until about 2 am without reapplication.  I was delighted with it. The skinny marker isn’t up on their website yet but I will post a link for the chunky marker below.

Tinted Brow Mascara

Chunky Marker Liner 

Up next was the face department and I picked up a primer and a foundation. The primer I went with was the pore filler as I have pores that need their own postcode. It is fab. It doesn’t completely erase mine again due to their gigantic size but it definitely makes a huge difference to their appearance and blurs out the worst of them. I was really happy with the texture. The foundation I went with was the stay matte not flat. I need to throw this out there before I start talking about it and everyone thinks I am slating it. I have combination skin, I get bad break outs, I am prone to oily skin but in the last few months it has been getting drier and drier. I have always bought mattifying products but I think I have finally realised I probably need to stop. This foundation is a lovely texture on my hand but it did not suit my skin at all. It is very matte. It dried to almost a powder like finish and for me it just accentuated all my dry patches so it didn’t do it for me. I will definitely try their other foundation formulas though as the colour was perfect even after it oxidised it didn’t go too dark. 

Pore Filler Primer 

Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation 

Next up in the face department is an old reliable and a new addition with which I can see a a long loving relationship forming. The first is the concealer wand which I have always used. I love the texture, it doesn’t crease under my eyes and it covers blemishes. I also use it under highlighting powders for that extra pop.I will be picking up a few more shades and keeping them for contouring too. The next purchase was the born to go liquid illuminator. OMG. This is liquid rose gold amazingness. The shade I got is gleam. Texture is amazing, the pigment is amazing, the shimmer is amazing. Everything about it is amazing.

Concealer Wand 

Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

And finally to add to my lip colour collection I picked up a soft matte liquid cream lip colour in Prague.  These are a really nice texture, they dry out to a really comfortable feel, not overly drying and the pigment is really strong.  The 2 best things here are the price point is fab, at under €8 and the selection of colours is huge. Win win as you can get a few at a time without breaking the bank. I will definitely be stocking up on a few shades of these too especially for the autumn/winter season. I have my eye on a few dark colours already.

Soft Matte Lip Cream

 Everything in this post is available in the bigger boots stores in Ireland and most things are available online with the links under the pictures. Let me know if you pick up any bits from NYX Cosmetics and what your favourites are. Thanks for checking in. 

Steph xxx 


One thought on “NYX Cosmetics 

  1. Picked up a few bits too Steph and I have to say I’m not that impressed with the Matte Lip Cream, it feels really nice when you apply it but I don’t like the texture when it dries out and after a while it started peeling off of my lips. I’ve used it for the first time today so I’ll give it a wee while before I make a final call on it but so far I’m not impressed. Great post, I really want that Liquid Illuminator!!!


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