Mini Kildare Village Haul

So I have had these bits for ages and didn’t blog about them at the time because I am terrible. So here is a quick low down on my Kildare Village purchases from a few (too many) weeks ago. Firstly I went up there with no intentions of buying any baby clothes but could you really blame me, there was a sale. I picked up the most adorable DKNY cardigan in the store K.I.D.S, they stock a range of different designers including Burberry, Chloe and Little Marc Jacobs. The Cardi was light and cotton and black and white stripes and only €35 approx. I cant remember exactly but my prices are in range. 😛

I got another top for T in Polo Ralph Lauren, this time a zip up hoodie. They had the same hoodie in bigger sizes (as in big enough to fit me) but I thought to myself ‘no don’t be an embarrassing mom, don’t dress the same as your daughter’. All I can say is why didn’t I leave her one behind and just buy it for myself. I love it. She wears it all the time, it is soft and comfortable and goes with so much due to the mix of colours in it. I also picked her up a polo shirt style dress in here, its navy with the usual collar and has a navy and white striped frill at the end. It came with a navy nappy cover to match and it is so sweet on her. I pair it with white and navy striped leggings that I picked up in next instead of with tights.

Finally on the baby clothes front we finished up with some footwear, and she wouldn’t be mine or her fathers child if she didn’t have a collection of runners. So I started the collection with the CUTEST pair of white and pink  soft Nike runners. There would have been Timberland boots to add to that but I was cut of by the other half at this stage. 😦 It was probably for the best. I get very overexcited about baby fashion. img_20160705_200220_581000.png

Now I did come to Kildare Village with the greatest intentions of getting some really nice pieces to spruce up my summer wardrobe, but I mainly ended up with lounge wear, which isn’t all bad I suppose. I picked up some really cute blue Superdry shorts, they are tracksuit material and have big pockets which I love. I also got these stripey blue flip flops to go with the shorts in Jack Wills, they are really comfy, dont pinch between the toes, the only down side is the first time I wore them on a warm day a lot of the blue smudged off onto my feet. It didn’t stop me from wearing them though. I also got these full length lounge pants, they come in a pack of two and will be great for the autumn for around the house.


Also in Jack Wills I picked up a few pairs of the cutest knickers. Not for everyone but I love the thick waist band and the pattern of the fabrics are really sweet. They are a really nice fit too. On the topic of undies, I couldn’t go all the way to Kildare and not go to Calvin Klein. I picked up the Black structured bra and 2 sets of knickers from the carousel range. They are so comfortable, I love them. Definitely need to get back to stock up on more.

My next purchase was from Pandora, I am starting to build a little collection from their range of rings, they are delicate and pretty and can be worn all together or one at a time. My newest addition was a band with little leaves coming off the sides in silver but with 2 gold accent leaves. They make fabulous gifts and don’t break the bank, mine was approx €32.

My final purchase was to add to my already too big runner collection. These asics are superlight, supportive and comfortable and completely breathable. They are not an everyday runner, and they are not waterproof, they are for running. But so far I have not had to ‘break them in’ like I would normal runners. They dont pinch or leave me with and rubbing or blisters on my heels or ankles, and my feet dont get overly hot in them. img_20160705_202240_175000.png

So that is my mini haul, my great intentions for a new wardrobe went out the window because of all the bags I had, I actually thought I had bought way more than I did. Next time I will definitely have a better plan. 🙂


Thanks For Checking In,

Steph XxxX

Browse the shops at Kildare Village here.





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