The Cork Kerry Food Forum 2016

The Cork and Kerry food forum took place on Sunday and Monday the 26th and 27th of June in Cork City Hall. I had seen a sign for it on the Friday and ever the foodie (and by foodie I mean glutton) I decided we would go along. There was over 70 local suppliers and manufacturers of all different types of food and drinks. Super Valu Food Academy also had a stand with information as many of the companies there on the day were products of the academies success.  There was samples galore and these are some of the highlights based on what I saw and what I actually tasted and purchased on the day.

The first was Mella’s fudge which is handmade in West Cork and it tastes so good, sweet and crumbley I could have eaten a whole box of it. There was loads of flavours and loads of samples on the day but the vanilla was definitely my favourite but they were all delicious. img_20160630_070238_157000.png

Next up was Scratch My Pork, made from 100% Irish Pork. Being honest I have never been a fan of pork scratchings and I wouldn’t be eating bags of these regularly but they were incredible. The flavours were so strong and so different, we bought one of each flavour on the day and they were gone by Monday. šŸ˜€


Up next is a combo which I would quite happily have complete a Saturday night in. First is Elbow lane smoke house sauce. Perfect as a marinade on any meat and then log under the grill or my personal favourite onto the barbeque. You can also use this sauce as a dip for chips, cheese or veggies. Its sweet and smoky and perfectly balanced. The next was The gluten free pantry. The most amazing cookies and granola. I love granola but it is usually dense, dry and loaded in sugar and I end up with a pin in my jaw from chewing it. The gluten free pantry sweeten with the smallest amount of honey and the granola is soft almost like a flapjack. I would happily pull out a fist full of it to eat with a cup of coffee instead of a biscuit, but then I could also have their white chocolate and cranberry cookie instead. ***Drool***

To compliment both of the above there is 12 Towers red ale, brewed in Youghal Co Cork. I dont know anything really about craft beer but I do know that if it isn’t popular in ALL the bars in town then it probably tastes amazing. The micro breweries and craft beers that are popping up around the country offer something that has real flavour and not just booze and bubbles. This red ale was almost sweet and had a kind of fruity flavour and was really pleasant to drink.


WHO WANTS DESERT? Dairy in high quantities is not my friend. However ice cream is something that everyone is entitled to. If you have had a bad day, or you want a treat, or its a sunny day BOOM you need ice cream in your life. Well enter stage left ‘Oh Naturelle’ dairy free ice cream and sorbet. Oh.My.God. The dairy free ice cream is made with coconut milk, so if you like bounty bars you need to get on this chocolate ice cream. Its like a bounty only frozen, BLISS. I had the raspberry and rose sorbet and it was decadent. The flavours were so delicate but perfect together. There was also grape, chai tea and mint, it was like a frozen mojito it was stunning.

There was also the really cool incrEdible Flowers. These amazing bouquets are made of fresh fruit dipped in chocolate and arranged like flowers for whatever special occasion you have. I couldn’t help think they would make really cool centre pieces at a party or wedding reception. Not to mention a lovely gift for someone. They were fab. img_20160630_152029_486000.png

And finally to top of a fabulous day the Happy Pear David and Stephen Flynn did a cooking demo and a Q&A for everyone. they made their pesto pasta and toasties 3 ways and we all got to taste everything along the way. They are as pleasant and talented in real life as they seem on all their social media. They were so friendly and just oozed positive vibes, they signed my cook book and myself and my sis even got a sneaky 5 seconds of fame on their snapchat. An epic day out all the same. img_20160630_070026_410000.png

The list of suppliers mentioned in the post are available here:

MellaS Fudge

Scratch My Pork

Elbow Lane Smoke House Sauce

The Gluten Free Pantry @The Castle Pantry

12 Towers Red Ale The Munster Brewery

Oh Naturelle

IncrEdible Flowers 

The Happy Pear

Happy Pear Facebook

Happy Pear Instagram


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