Clarins Event and Keanes Jewellers S/S 16 Launch

Last month was filled with fun events and things to go to and I am being a very bad blogger and taking a million years to share them with you. Up first was a Clarins evening held by MUA Nicola Nunan. Nicola completed make up look and provided hints and tips with regards to make up application and skincare. She emphasised the importance of having a proper skincare routine, including cleansing toning and moisturising or using a serum where necessary. Her best tips of the night were that highlighting when done properly makes a huge difference to your makeup even if you are going for the ‘no make up’ look. And the other thing I learned is to never forget the importance of your eyebrows. It is so true and if you don’t believe me do your make up but only fill in one eyebrow. the difference it makes is incredible. 2016-04-20-20.02.47.jpg.jpeg

I don’t currently use any anti-ageing products but I probably should. I used to smoke and it has had a definite effect on my skin. I have also only recently started using serums as I always though they were counter productive for those with oily skin, however I have since learned there is a serum for everyone. Nicola showed us the Clarins Double Serum. The texture of this was lovely and it was really well absorbed into the skin as I hate things that sit on the skin.


The next product that I fell in love with was the Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch. Any one else out there with pores that you could nearly pitch a tent in? I swear you can see the future in mine they are so big. This cream acts like a filler and makes pores and fine lines less visible. If you have ever used pore-fessional by benefit this is similar but its a finer texture. Would make an amazing base for under your makeup. Nicola was full of amazing information and the completed look was stunning. She is clearly a very skilled makeup artist and I am delighted I went along. You can see more looks by Nicola on her facebook page here or her instagram page here. 2016-04-20-20.14.15.jpg.jpeg

I also attending the launch of the S/S 16 range of jewellery in Keane’s jewellers and what an amazing night. The event was presented by Annmarie O’Connor award-winning fashion writer, stylist and author of The Happy Closet. The night was to show the spring summer styles of the most popular fashion jewellery brands that are stocked in Keanes.

Up first was 2 looks from the extensive Michael Kors range. Michael Kors was established in 1981 and is renowned for making pieces that are both modern and timeless, and always chic. With styles ranging from €79 upwards there is something for everyone in this range. With pieces in all colours and watches with bright and eye catching faces you cant go too far wrong. Shop here.

The next 2 looks were from Ti Sento an Italian company who launched their fashion jewellery line in 2003. They found a niche in the market as 18 carat gold is and will most likely always be very expensive so produce all of their pieces in sterling silver. The luxury in these pieces comes in knowing that all their stones are set the old fashioned way by skilled diamond setters and they do not use glue. If like me gold isn’t really your thing then this is the range for you. There is a huge range available with pearls or cubics in a range of colours. You can see the range here.


The next range up was Carat*. Established in 2003 by Englishman Scott Thompson the collection combines vintage ideas and settings with modern wearable styles. It features a collection of stunning gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and saphires. These pieces are created to be worn and admired and they are completely timeless. My favourite piece of this collection being a large emerald ring set in a row of cubic zirconia and a cz encrusted band, it was very similar to a ring worn by Rita Ora in her last season of the voice. You can see it here.

Next was a range by Bronzallure an Italian company that I must admit I had not heard of before this launch. It was interesting to learn that the bronze which the jewellery is made of is actually a patented alloy that was created exclusively for the company in the University of Padua, Italy. It is bathed in 18 carat gold which giver it its unique rosé hue. All of the stones in the jewellery are found in nature so include things such as quartz, topaz and haematite. If rose gold hues bare your thing then this is for you. The pieces were so wearable and are perfect for everyday as well as holding their own as glamorous statement pieces. You can see the full range here.

I have to take a minute now to tell you about the food. the canapés at the evening were supplied by the wonderful bitesize in Midleton. Their tagline is edible art and that is exactly what it was. It both looked an tasted amazing and I completely overdid it. With a selection of salmon, duck, cheese and olives and then an entire sweet platter (that I just had to steer clear of or i would have been rolled out the door). Jason is incredibly talented and his staff on the night were a credit to him. So very friendly and approachable.


Okay the final three brands are probably my favourites overall. First up is Mi Moneda. Meaning coin in Spanish this range of jewellery centres around being able to customize your piece to suit your style. The range was designed by a Dutch couple who took the idea from the ancient Egyptians who wore coins as amulets. The coins are interchangeable and the rang includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Available in silver, gold and rose gold these pieces are so versatile. Changing the pendant alone can turn the necklace from something low key into something that will grab everyones attention. The full range is available here but if you can call into Keanes to see it they have an amazing display of the current collection (pictured below).

Next up is House of Lor. This range of jewellery is both stunningly beautiful but also has a bit of Irish heritage in every piece. Every piece contains ethically mined pure Irish gold and comes with a certificate of authenticity provided by the Dublin Assay Office. The rang is based around ideas of Irish heritage and our unique folklore, but still keeps its glamour and sophistication at the forefront. the full collection is viewable here.

And finally COCO 88 is a range of charm style bangles and bracelets. Made for those “who have a love for life and nature” these bracelets come in ollections including birthstones and inspirational words. They are stackable or can be worn standalone and come in a silver plate, rose plate and gold plate so again there is something for everyone. The reason i love these pieces so much is they make me feel positive and inspired and as a gift will definitely make the receiver feel very loved. You can search the collection here.


And there it is, yet another GIGANTIC blog post from me that took me far too long to post. I hope you enjoyed it if you have managed to keep reading to here. Thanks for checking in.

Steph Xxxx



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