Mom Needs A Boost, And A Sweet Fix.

I will be the first person to put my hand up and say that after my little girl was born my diet mainly consisted of chocolate and coffee. Not really the most nutritious way to fuel the human that had to look after a small and much needier human, but I know other mammas will agree with me that when baby is crying and you haven’t eaten in 6 hours, or you were up all night feeding, you just want something to shove in your mouth asap. Chocolate makes you feel better instantly. In the long run however it will catch up with you. I have been battling cold after bug for the last few weeks and I know its because I am eating crap so my body is naturally getting run down. Anywho, this coupled with my recent purchase of a 1kg tub of peanut butter pushed me in the direction of making something that I could keep in the fridge as a handy snack to grab and go.

My energy balls are full of nuts and fruit and porridge oats and did I mention there is peanut butter. YUM. You can customise to suit your own taste and they don’t require any baking just a little chill time in the fridge to firm up. This however did not stop me eating 2 straight out of the bowl. They were scrumptious.



1 1/2 cups Porridge Oats

1 cup Nut Butter of your choice

1 cup Dried Fruit of your choice (I used raisins just cause that’s what was in the cupboard)

1 cup of nuts of your choice (I used walnuts again cause its what I had handy)

I tsp Honey

1 small mashed banana.


  1. Throw everything into a bowl and mix until well combined.
  2. Roll into balls with your hands and put in the fridge to firm up for about an hour.
  3. If you are using fruit like dried apricots or anything bigger than a raisin chop them up into smaller pieces to make the balls easier to form.
  4. If the mix is a bot gooey and not coming togethre then add more porridge oats. If its a bit stiff then add a little more nut butter. It should come away from the sides of the bowl easily enough.

2016-04-21-15.24.50.jpg.jpegThese are so simple, and are really lovely with a coffee. They are so portable to just grab and go, or fling in a ziplock and into your bag for later.

Short and quite literally sweet post for today. Let me know if anyone makes them and what variations you use. Thanks for checking in.


Steph x




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