Glossybox Month 3 – April

I feel like it was only last week I posted the March Glossy box review. Oh wait it probably was. My own fault for leaving it so late. This month has reignited my confidence in my subscription, it was themed ‘Spring Preening’. There was 3 full sized products this month, the first of which was a Studio 10 brow lift perfecting liner. This is a double ended pencil, one end has darker shade to fill in the eyebrow and the opposite end has a nude colour to highlight along the brow bone and define the brow. I love this product. I have quite dark brows and struggle to fill them in nicely without them looking painted on and this colour just seems to suit perfectly. I would also always highlight my brow bone but the definition this pencil brings just makes them look amazing.


Up next is the body shop Oils Of Life. I personally am not a huge fan of facial oil so I gave this product to my sister but I did have a little drop on the back of my hand first. It is a lovely texture but the thing that stuck with me most is the scent. It smells amazing but not overpowering. The sample bottle is teeny but you are only supposed to use a few drops at a time and really take the time to massage it in so it should last a while.


Next up is the Swiss Smile Whitening toothpaste. ***So just a little bit of background, I have terrible teeth. I will be completely honest I did not take care of them when I was a teenager and I am totally paying for it now. I used to drink lucozade and coke by the bucket load while at school and it has discoloured them hugely. I also knocked my two baby front teeth out with my knee when I was younger and when my permanent teeth grew down to replace them they had discoloured spots from the damage that I caused. These spots had to get removed and replaced but false enamel doesn’t change colour like your real enamel does so they look terrible. I am working to rectify this. Slowly.*** Back to the toothpaste, I used it once so that I can give an honest opinion for this post. Firstly its a great texture, the packaging is different to regular toothpaste and it looks more like a face cream on my bathroom shelf. It tastes okay, there is no strong sting or burn which is always good. As for its whitening ability, I cant comment at the moment as I have only used it once. I am hoping to do a before and after once I finish with the toothpaste I am currently using and we can see if over time it really does make a difference. Lets Hope.


Okay I don’t want to end on a negative so I will keep my favourite product until last. My least favourite product this month was the essence Mosaic Compact Powder. It was a full sized product and I used it twice. There is a mixture of 5 colours and it did say to ‘sweep across the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose for a glowing sun-kissed finish’. I am all for a pearly or shimmery finish but this is glittery and I am not a fan of glitter. If you are then you will love it. I will keep it, in the hope of getting a bit of a tan this summer and I may use it again but will be sparing. The texture is lovely and the colour pay-off is great it was just a far too sparkley for me. 2016-04-21-13.52.22.jpg.jpeg

The final product up is the Bandi Intensive Moisturising cream. I had never heard of the brand Bandi before this glossybox and I am so glad they included it as this is the nicest moisturiser I have used in a long long time. I hate heavy thick creams again because of my issues with my oily skin and this is the complete opposite. When you first put it on it feels really creamy and as you rub/ pat it in, it absorbs up and leaves the smoothest almost powder finish. It has a light citrus scent that is so refreshing first thing in the morning and I have even used it as a base for my make up as it helps my pores seem less visible. My dry spots feel hydrated but my oily parts don’t feel heavy or greasy. I adore it, definitely my favourite product since day one.20160411_105001.jpg The only downside (and I know I said I wouldn’t end on a negative) is trying to purchase the full sized product. The full sized bottle is only around €14 however the shipping from Poland on the website is €49. I honestly though this was a misprint but after checking the website a few times it doesn’t seem to be changing. It has noted in the delivery info section of the website that shipping to the UK is approx 120 zl which converts to around €28 (on Google’s currency converter) and as much as I love it I don’t know if I am willing to pay that price. I will be using every last drop of the sample that came this month though because I really do love it (see back to the positive again 😀 ). Did you get the April Glossybox? If you did were any of your products different or did you think any different about what you got. Let me know and thanks again for checking in.

Steph xxx







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