Make-up Revolution

I wonder sometimes if I am just more conscious of things since I started blogging, or if the entire world just conveniently started to create things that I want in my life now. My local pharmacy has never been somewhere that I would frequent outside of needing lemsip or to pick up a script. Recently enough however I started to pay more attention to what they had in stock in the make-up/beauty departments. It started when the SoSu contour palette became the IT thing to have in your make up bag. I saw them at the till there one day and told myself I had to go home and get my purse and go back and pick one (or 3) up. Queue baby brain, I completely forgot and when I did get back in there they were gone. Conveniently enough my other half was feeling particularly clever that month and had already picked one up for me as a valentines present. Anyway, it became the new place to stop off for a nose, and I have even changed my walking route in the evenings to fit it in.

A few weeks back on my usual once a week pit stop I noticed a new stand in the middle of the floor. Filled with gold and bronze shining boxes and I got very excited. PALETTES. So many palettes. They were labelled Make Up Revolution, I am a sucker for a nice make up palette and these looked so lovely. I swatched a few different palettes while we were there and picked out 2 eye shadow palettes, one blush palette (which should have been 2 but the other one I wanted was sold out), one concealer palette, and a bottle of make up fixing spray. I had no intention of buying them all but I wanted to check the prices of them before I decided which would be coming home with me first. Well when my entire selection came to only €46 I wasn’t going leaving anything behind.

So first up is the blush palette. The shades are called Hot Spice. The individual shades in this palette don’t have names but it is a mix of matte, glitter and shimmer colours. What I love about this palette is the colours will suit all skin tones. The selection means I have a choice depending on whether I have tanned or not, or if its day or night. img_20160411_102154_449000.png

I’m personally not very into glitter shades. I don’t mind a bit of shimmer but actual pieces of glitter are not my thing. Only two of these have glitter in them and it is very subtle. There is also the two shimmer shades at the end. They can be used as a highlighter or blush. They are lovely on and blend well. Please excuse my funky tan in the swatch pictures. 20160412_131655-1.jpg

Next up is the eye shadow palettes. I got two of these. There is 30 shadows in each. The first is the ‘Beyond Flawless’ collection and OMG I am in love. There is so many metallic shades in this and the pigment and colour payoff is amazing. It also came in a pretty gold box, so what is not to love. Some of the lighter shades need a primer but apart from that they are amazing. img_20160411_101633_482000.png

Toasty is probably my favourite shade out of the 30, and for anyone who knows me they will think this is hilarious as this is my dads nickname. It is so pigmented and metallic and just amazing. Now if only I knew how to wear it properly. I am so bad at these things its hilarious. I may attempt a look with it at some point. But then again I may not. I mean who wants to spend their evening looking at my silly face. I have swatched a few random shades just so you can see the colour payoff. I used the flash so you can really appreciate the colour of toasty. Its the third from the top. Again please don’t judge the dodgy tan. :/img_20160412_170024_973000.png

Next is the ‘Flawless Mattes’ collection. Some of these shades are a little more temperamental. There is more fallout with these so if you are using the darker shades in your sockets I would definitely use something to catch the fallout. I stuck to a flat brush and patted it on except for my socket area. Make sure to tap off the excess. They are really buildable though and blend well together, even the mattes and shimmers combined.


My favourite shades out of these are probably carbon and rosewood. Again there is a little bit of fallout but nothing major and the colours are so lovely. Below there is a random selection of shades that I swatched.


Next there was the concealer palette. These are super creamy and came in 8 different shades. Like I mentioned at the start I got a present of the SoSu contour palette. I haven’t used it much because actually the shades are quite dark and as a contour novice I found the dark brown colour too dark for me and I just couldn’t get it to look right when I was blending. I decided to give these concealers a go and use the darkest colour as my contour and I was very happy with the result. It may ease me into the darker colours slowly.


Finally I got the Pro Fix Oil Control Make Up Fixing Spray. I will confess I have only used this once and it did help my make up stay put but as it was the first time I used it the spray hadn’t filled the tube properly and I ended up with big droplets on my face. Not a good look. it dried in quickly though and it wasn’t sticky and didn’t leave  any residue.


Overall I have been really happy with these purchases and I will definitely be expanding my collection. It was only when I was researching the products afterwards that I realised the range that they offer is HUGE (over 300 products). The collection in my chemist is minuscule in comparison. They are cruelty free which is fantastic and they claim to have a shade to suit everyone, dark to light, pink to yellow. One final note which may not be that important to everyone but is to me is that every palette came with a mirror. A big mirror too not a silly small one that you cant see in. These cover the entire inside lid and for the cost in total they are so worth while. Okay enough of my rambling on, if you happen to use any products that I didn’t mention then let me know how you got on with them. Thanks for checking in.


Steph xxx


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