TK Maxx New Store

So this week I went to the opening of the new TK Maxx Store in Douglas. I as very excited because I always have to be in the right mindset to go in there and sometimes your lucky sometimes your not. I don’t frequent the store in the city very often for that reason but now that it is only down the road I will be in there more often so should get luckier. The store was opened by Peter O Riordan, a cork native and XposĂ© presenter. He was really friendly and said hello to every person as they came through the door.



There was French fancies, Prosecco and juice for those who wished to lounge about for a while. I, however was more interested in browsing the stock than to chill out with cakes and balloons. I did take a quick picture though. 🙂


The store is all across one floor which is handy for the buggy pushers among us. Childrens’ wear is immediately inside the door with the toys just behind it and the household section behind that again. As you can imagine I made a quick sprint in that direction and wasn’t disappointed. There is a great selection of things and I could have spent all day there. I did see the most magnificent chair, with a colourful flower pattern but someone had already claimed it for themselves. Maybe next time. 20160407_101308.jpg

Unfortunately due to the crowds on the day there was a bit of a traffic jam with the buggies. I should have just worn a sling. We bypassed most of the clothes section because of this, but we did have a quick look and I will be shopping here in future for all my running gear and all my shoes. The menswear department didn’t disappoint either with a great selection at great prices. I picked up a Ralph Lauren T-shirt for R. Closer to the till then there is cosmetics, tech and just some random pieces like biscuits, water bottles and tea.

So my final haul included a fruit infusing water bottle. I picked this one because it is glass and I prefer this to keeping plastic in the fridge. I got a new brush for the dog and a bottle of animology ‘stink bomb’ spray. Animology is proving to be my new favourite brand of doggie hair product. They all smell amazing. I got the Ralph Lauren T and I managed to get my hands on a clear acrylic lipstick holder. It was the kick up the bum I needed to organise all my make up. Who knows hopefully they make get drawers in soon. And finally I got a present of a beautiful notebook from my sister. It is baby pink with rose gold spiral binding and the Coco Chanel quote ‘I don’t do fashion. I am fashion’ on the front. I love it and it will be my new handbag companion for jotting down ideas in. snapchat-3427348444275488322.jpg

I am hoping to get down there again  soon armed with more patience and less buggy so I can really browse the rails for some bargains. Thanks for checking in.


Steph xxx





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