Dribble Buddy.

So for anyone who has a small baby you will know what I mean about the woes of dribble. From day one you have to deal with spit up and spilled milk, then after a few weeks/months you have to deal with teething. **Dribble Central** And if your baby is anything like mine (and most babies are) they have these beautiful squishy fat rolls, which are so adorable but a pain to keep clean and dry. I had so many bibs that were so soft and fluffy but unfortunately the vast amount of spit just soaked through and used to make T’s tops and vests damp and then her chest would get cold. Well it needn’t be that way. Every baby should just have a massive collection of baby boo bibs.


I remember laughing at my sister when she told me that after you have a baby you don’t pay as much attention to other womens handbags and shoes and you start noticing what bib or baby carrier they have. It may not be that way for everyone but it was definitely like that for me. My little girl has more clothes than me amd they are far more fashionable than mine. And the accessories are just as important. That’s another reason I love these bibs. The designs are just so beautiful.  There are so many different colours and patterns to choose from.


They are made from 100% cotton on the the front so they are really absorbent. Then the back is a 100% polyester fleece style lining. They are super soft, the dribble never soaks through and all T’s neck creases stay dry and are not irritated.


These bibs start from €5 but the price goes down the more you buy. And postage in Ireland is free. The two ladies running babyboo.ie behind the scenes are so lovely and have their own babas so they know how it works. I always find it easier to trust children’s products that are by parents. They have recently branched out and now offer sleepsuits also. You can find their full product range here.


And for the mommy’s of little boys, don’t despair,  the range of bibs for boys is just as adorable.  From monsters, to dinosaurs, and aliens to diggers, there is something to match every outfit.  Below is a picture of a small selection of boys designs that we recently got as a present for a new baby boy.


Along with this we also got 2 little boo bibs. These are specifically for brand new babies. 🙂 They are round as opposed to bandana shaped, they have a smaller neck hole so it will fit snug around their necks. The sides are also wider to catch any milk dribbles that spill out the sides. Again super protection for new babies sensitive skin.


These are such a beautiful gift for anyone with a new baby or even just to start your own collection. I need to find a new cupboard cause we are running out of space. But it’s okay because I have learned you can NEVER have enough bibs. 🙂

Thanks for checking in.

Steph xxx


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