The Easter Egg-citement.

Egg-citement?  Do you see what I did there??? Ya, cringing I know, but I am really looking forward to Easter this year. When we were kids we would always have fun decorating eggs and making things to hang on our ‘Easter tree’. The tree was usually a branch of some description shoved in a pot or vase. It was them adorned with all our beautiful hand painted nice things and a few decorations that nan would have brought home from Germany or Luxembourg. No one else around here seemed to have these traditions but I loved them and was adamant I would keep them going with my own kids.  So for T’s first Easter this year and with the help of our local Tiger shop, the tradition has been started.


The first thing I set about doing was getting the decorations organised. The little wooden ones and the painted eggs are from Tiger. The eggs came with marker to colour them in but they are made of some sort of plastic so I decided to paint them instead as it had better staying power. you could of course do this with real egg shells if you pop two holes in the ends and blow out the inside. There is a detailed guide available here however with a small baby I just didn’t have time this year. 😦img_20160323_170236_444000.png

The little fluffy chickens and the sheep (or bah bah lambs as they are called in my house) are from dealz. The branch came from a cherry blossom tree that is growing out of control in my back garden. I put it in a vase of warm water and sugar with some decorative sand to keep it upright. I am not saying that everyone should go out and hack branches off random trees. Some shops sell them already dried out and painted. Otherwise go for a walk in your local park or woods and pick one up off the floor. It doesn’t have to be pretty or shaped well because it will look beautiful in the end with all the decorations on it. img_20160323_171406_520000.png

I do realise that the sheep look like they are hanging on for dear life. I think it adds to the effect. 😛 So then I decided to go on a bit of a baking spree. You know yourself, just in case the entire county decided to turn up for afternoon tea, one must be prepared. I had bought cute shaped Easter cookie cutters so was definitely making cut out cookies. I decorated them with the help of one of the girls and we had so much fun. They are far from artistic or anything but we laughed until we cried at times doing them. (Disclaimer: She wanted me to note that she did agricultural science and not home economics at school so that’s why the cookies look crazy. haha)


As if I didn’t have enough in the cookies we also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with mini egg nests on top. They were dessert for Sunday dinner. They were displayed proudly on the most adorable cupcake stand that I picked up somewhere, but I can’t remember where.


I had my family over for dinner and so I put together an Egg hunt for my niece and two nephews. It rained as expected but we made the most of it indoors, and I learned a lot for next year. Lesson one, count the eggs before you hide them so you know if you found them all again. It helps avoid incidences of melted chocolate eggs on couch cushions. Lesson two, to get chocolate out of suede mix washing up liquid with warm water and shake your hand in the water to make loads of bubbles. Using a dry sponge dab in the bubbles an not the water to the chocolate stain. Dry it off with a clean dry cloth. 🙂


There is enough chocolate still in the house to keep me going for a few weeks so will hopefully get to try some recipes out over the next few weeks and get a bit creative. So Happy Easter to everyone, I hope ye all enjoyed the break.

Chat Soon,

Steph XxxX


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