KIKO Milano Haul.

I heard of this brand originally in a make up tutorial video by one of the pixiwoo sisters.  I wanted to give it a try since then but kept forgetting to sit down and go through the products. There is a huge variety of make up and skin care so I just got a few things to start out with. I was having a bit of a lipstick clear out at the time so I may have gone a bit over board with nude lipsticks but it’s always good to try out different things right?
The first products I ordered actually weren’t make up at all they were skin care. From reading the product decriptions they reminded me of two products I used to get by Avon before they up and left. 😦 One is an anti-cellulite cream called silhouette design, and the other is a skin firming lotion called skin trainer body. The skin firming lotion has three metal rollerballs at the top of the tube. This is to help stimulate the skin and aid with the absorbtion of the product. The first thing I can say about both creams is they smell lovely. They are not overly perfumed but have a pleasant subtle scent. The next thing I can say is the texture is fab. I have used them on both wet and dry skin and it absorbs really well. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue that makes it hard to put your jeans on. Now whether or not this will be my magical cellulite eraser remains to be seen but it does say best results in 4 weeks so ill give it a while yet. I’ll keep ye updated.  The silhouette design is €12.90 and available here. The skin trainer body is €18.90 and available here.

The next purchase was for Paddys day. It’s a metallic bright green liner in colour 812 (spring green) and a gun metal grey in colour 814 (pearly grey). These are the smart liners and at €2.50 each are a complete steal. They come in 16 colours and I have to say the two that I got are AMAZING. The pigment is really strong and they are soft and blend really easily. If anything they are a bit too soft so be careful if, like me, you’re a bit over enthusiastic swatching them on your hand for anyone who will look.

Next I wanted to try out a few different types of lipsticks that they had to see what the texture and staying power was like and I have to say I was impressed. Please don’t judge but I was in a bit of a pinky/nude type of mood when I picked out all of these. I usually go for really bright colours and wanted to find something that I could wear everyday. The first is the smart lipsticks. Again these are a steal at only €3.90 and they are moisturising and the pigment is good. The staying power is good too and I only needed to reapply after eating lunch. They are available in a great range of 36 colours so you are sure to find one that suits. The plain matte black tube is actually very stylish too so they look far more expensive then they are. I got two colours. The first is 926 Marsala and the second is 903 candy rose. They are available here.

I also got 2 of the ‘smooth temptation’ lipsticks. They are a twist up crayon style lipstick and are amazing if you have dry lips. You barely need to touch the skin for the amazing colour to come out and they are so soft and creamy. They were only €2.70 and it’s a pity they only come in 3 colours currently. They used to be €7 so it makes me think they may be discontinuing them. If you want to try and get your hands on the ones that are left then you can do here. The colours I have below are 01 nude and 04 coral.

The last thing I got was (yeah you guessed it) another lipstick. This time it was the velvet matte effect lipstick. Firstly the packaging is stunning. The cover is beautiful and looks like the old fashioned lipstick holders that you would keep a brush in. Instead of opening out however, it just clips off the top. The colour I got is 613 and is currently unavailable but if you would like to try one of the 6 remaining colours you can get them here.
Overall I am pretty impressed with the brand. They seem to cover a range of budgets and their products haven’t disappointed yet. The only downside was there is no tracking with the delivery and I was waiting about a week and a half so was getting anxious as to where it was. It wouldn’t put me off ordering again though. If anyone else has tried any of their products let me know if you have any reccomendations of what to try next. Thanks for checking in.

Steph xxx


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