New Years Revolutions

At midnight on the 31st of December 2014 I smoked my last cigarette. I stopped halfway through a packet and was adamant that this time it was for good. I was going back running and truth be told, I just really couldn’t afford it anymore. Now, I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks later so that helped keep me motivated. But even within those three weeks it just seemed easier then it had done before. I was so much more determined.  That doesn’t mean it was completely easy mind you. There were moments when I would have given my left arm for a smoke. But they always passed and here I am. So this year as a treat to myself for stopping smoking I was adding something easy to my list of resolutions.  Besides writing this blog,  the glutton in me decided that this year’s other new years resolution should be something I really enjoy and what’s more enjoyable than cakes and sweets.
So I have decided to attend as many of the afternoon tea offerings in the country as I can and write a little review of them here. This weekend was all go as it was mothers day on Sunday.  However I managed to fit in two different afternoon tea sittings over the weekend.  (Don’t get excited it won’t be this regular in the future. I would be found in a sugar coma somewhere.).
The first was at the Watersedge Hotel in Cobh. Aptly named as it is over looking the water. I wish I took more pictures of the surroundings when we got there because the weather was so amazing and the sky and the water were so blue. Anyway we arrived and took our seats, there was 4 of us. Our drinks order was taken and they were served to us really promptly while we waited for the food to arrive.
On the savoury plate we had a choice of three sandwiches,  cheese and red onion relish, smoked salmon on brown bread and chicken and chilli mayo. They were very tasty. On the dessert plate we had small bites of a baileys cheesecake and chocolate brownie. On the top tier we had warm scones and meringue nests. All the food was fresh and very tasty but being honest I was disappointed with the selection. I would have preferred a few different desserts rather then 3 pieces of the same cheesecake and 3 pieces of the same brownie. We had a wonderful afternoon though.  Lots of laughs


. All the contact details are here.  Watersedge Hotel Details

On Sunday for mothers day I was completely spoiled. I was brought for breakfast in one of my favourite cafes Puccinos. I had eggs benedict it was so lovely. I also got the most stunning bunch of flowers, a box of my favourite chocolates, a voucher for a coconut milk mani/pedi, a key rig and a badge. After all I was ‘the best mom in the world’ that day. My badge told


me so.

After breakfast myself, my sister, my mum and my nan went to castlemartyr Resort for afternoon tea round too. I have to start by saying the grounds of the hotel and the dining room that the afternoon tea was held in, all add to the experience here. The drive up to the door was stunning, the swans in the weir, the gardens and the wooded area, it’s all beautiful.
Tea was served in the bell tower. We were served a ‘sweet treat’ to start with. It was a vanilla panna cotta with an apple gel and a crumbled puff pastry topping. It was a beautiful way to start.  Then out came the afternoon tea. The savoury plate of this tea included cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches,  Chicken and rocket sandwiches, a brioche roll with egg mayonnaise and sun-dried tomato and finally a poached salmon sandwhich with a soft boiled quails egg, trout caviar and it was served on squid ink bread.
On the second tier we got a fruit and a plain scone, with clotted cream and jam, a spiced Indonesian cake and a lemon and olive oil cake.
On the top tier we got a selection of desserts. There was a macaron with creme patissier filling, a trifle served in a tiny glass, a slice of rose and vanilla battenburg and finally a chocolate mouse style truffle dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a raspberry.  It was pure decadence. There was nothing that I didn’t like. I know my sister wasn’t fond of the olive oil cake as she didn’t like the texture of it but I really enjoyed it. The staff were amazing they checked on us regularly, replacing our drinks so they were always hot. I really couldn’t fault anything and I really enjoyed it. The only downside of the day was that it rained so we couldn’t enjoy walking around the grounds. It will defini


tely be put on a list of places to return to armed with a camera. To make your own booking all the contact details are on the website here. Castlemartyr Afternoon Tea

If anyone has any reccomendations for good afternoon tea around the country be sure to let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

Steph xxx


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