Moooove over cradle cap.

Like so many babies my little girl was plagued by the nasty that is cradle cap. It didn’t bother her very much but it looked sore and very dry. I tried 2 different brands of shampoo from the chemist designed for cradle cap and I also used to rub coconut oil into her scalp and comb out the worst of the dry skin.
I did this a few days a week for about 4 weeks and it didn’t seem to be getting any better.  Every time I would brush the skin out little chunks of her beautiful hair was coming too and I was devastated. I asked for advice from the wonderful mom’s on a September baby group page on facebook and a few of them reccomended an Australian brand called moogoo. I wish I had never bothered with the chemist and asked the moms first.
I went on to the moogoo website and decided to go with the scalp balm and the milk shampoo to start. The delivery only took a few days and when it arrived I was so excited. It came in the most adorable packaging. (I am a sucker for things that look cute.)
The scalp balm came in a milk carton shaped box, and it smells so lovely. There is lavender, tea tree and rosemary in it and I could sit smelling it all day. The scalp balm is €15.95 and available to buy here: Moogoo Scalp Cream


I also got the milk shampoo to use on her hair in the bath. I have to say of all the shampoo I had used on her or on myself (yes I had a sneaky go) this made my hair feel so clean. There was no residue left in my hair afterwards, it was actually squeeky clean. The shampoo is €14.95 and available to buy here: Moogoo Milk Shampoo


So I used each of these products on my little girls scalp 3 times over 1 week and her cradle cap was 90% gone. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. I have quite oily skin and my hair doesn’t respond well to me using too many products. My scalp can be prone to breakouts and can get quite itchy and irritated. When I saw how well it worked on baba I gave it a go myself and it cleared my own scalp right up.
With my order I got loads of small sample bottles of other products and have given them to friends and family to help with their own skin issues. Needless to say they all ordered their own once they saw how well they worked.
I also got a full sized lip balm which is made of completely edible ingredients and is super moisturising.  It has kept my lips alive through the nasty cold weather and has SPF 15 so I will continue to use it whenever the sun decides to appear. It is €4.95 and available here: Moogoo Lip Balm


Let me know if anyone else uses their products and how they get on. I’ll be placing another order as soon and switching all my hair care over.

Steph xxx


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