Penny’s Haul

So I went for a quick trip into town today to get things to finish doing up my little girls bedroom. And in my usual style I never once took the list (that I spent a week preparing) out of my bag. I didn’t even get close to picking up what I needed to get.  However I did do a little bit of damage to the bank balance in the wonderful world of penny’s (or primark depending on what part of the world you’re in). I did well for myself. There was a few bits on sale which is always good. So the first thing I picked up is a tailored waistcoat with a lace back. (I think that’s what one would call it, I am open to being corrected though cause I have no idea). It was reduced from €20 to only €9 so I couldn’t leave it behind. I really love it on.


Then I picked up the most beautiful pair of black lace up pointy toe stilettos.  I am in LOVE. They are really comfy which I was surprised by and again were reduced to €9 so they were not being left behind. 


Then I got 2 pairs of teeny tight shorts for running and for around the house. When I am at home especially once the weather gets a bit better I live in shorts. When I was pregnant too they were an essential as I had no tolerance for the heat. These were €4 each. They had a few colours I think but black and navy will do me for the moment. (I know I’m the epitome of excitement :/)


On the topic of running, I can’t do any at the moment due to an injury so my physio has recommended swimming to help keep my fitness level up while I’m being fixed up. Now I don’t know about you but I hate wrapping my wet bikini in a towel and by the time you get home basically everything is soaked. Behold…..The bikini bag. Haha. It’s just a little silicone bag to put the wet one into so everything else doesn’t get soaked. €3 and I am a happy bunny.


Now after a swim you will want to be comfortable so when I saw this jumper I had to have it. It has a cowl neck with drawstrings and a big front pocket for lounging in. It isn’t heavy fabric either so will be perfect for the milder spring and summer evening when it’s not cold enough for a proper wooly jumper. I also love the quote on the front. €10.


Finally on my trip I wanted to get new pyjamas. I am a complete sweaty Betty at night time but have to keep the room at a constant temperature for the baby. I wanted to get a nice light cotton shorts and t shirt set for bed and I think the print on this is stunning. They are sold individually so if you prefer a long pants instead of shorts or if you want 2 different sizes you can do that no problem.  They were €5 each.


I’ve said it before I’m. Not the most fashionable person in the world so this might be to everyone’s taste but these are my few bits. I hope you liked them and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments.
Steph xxx


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