So this year I have promised myself to finally build the make up collection that I have always wanted. Unfortunately I haven’t won the euro millions just yet so new additions are slow but all the more appreciated.  This week I wanted a nice nude lipstick that I can wear daily during spring.  I use MAC amplified at the moment but it has a very dewy finish so I feel like it’s a bit too much sometimes. Anyway I went and got an old favourite amongst the MAC diehards called velvet teddy. It is a matte nude colour with a kind of pinky undertone. I found it didn’t dry out my lips like alot of mattes do and I really liked the colour on. I paired that with a MAC lip liner in whirl. I think I should get great wear out of this liner as it will match a lot of nude shades not just velvet teddy.



** Note to the world now, I HATE my eyebrows ** I suck at filing them in they are so dark though that if I don’t they look silly. I can never get it right. Anyway I also picked up an eyebrow crayon in MAC. It is fab. I love the texture, it is a kind of waxy finish so it means you don’t have to powder and wax. Because it’s in a twisty pencil style it means no separate brush so less faffing about. The only thing I don’t like and it’s something small (and because I am a div at the best of times) is that it isn’t retractable.  So once you twist it out you can’t twist it back in, which can make it more prone to break off. Now I have been making a conscious effort to only twist out the tiniest amount and so far so good. I’m sure one day I will forget and screw half of it out of the tube, but hopefully not.


Finally as part of my Valentine’s Day present I got the new SoSueMe contour palette. It is amazing. I will do a separate post on that once I have cleaned my make up brushes and will swatch it properly. I also got a box of milk tray (my favourites) which are only 2.5 syns per sweet incase anyone was wondering. 🙂 I may have eaten the entire box though.


S xx


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