Undefined Being Key.

When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would read it. And let’s be honest not many people are. But some people are and that has given me the confidence to keep going. I have always been the type that didn’t really fit into a tick the box catagory. I have an interest in so many things and I will give lots of things a go just to see if I can do it. I love making things myself. And that doesn’t just mean my cakes. I love crafting, sewing (which I am terrible at), cooking and photography.
I also am finally getting serious about exercising regularly and enjoying my running. It has taken a bit of a hammering this week due to a pulled back but I am recovering slowly. In addition to that we have my slimming world journey ongoing too. I will hopefully share some recipes and things that have helped keep me on track.

I also love all things girlie, make – up, perfume, jewellery, shoes, clothes (I won’t say fashion because although I love fashion I am TERRIBLE at dressing myself). Initially I think this blog could be very messy. I am hoping that with time and with plenty of posting I will be able to catagorise everything into more common sense groups. So please stick with me while I find my niche or several of them, and I will reward you with my daft but honest ramblings.
This week I am hoping to do a small beauty/fashion haul, some slimming world inspo and I am rescuing my sewing machine from the dusty abys that is the craft cupboard to start some gifts for a friend’s puppy that I promised agessss ago.

Anyway this was just a quick update/explanation/muddle in itself, to prepare anyone who is still here for what is yet to come. Thanks for baring with me.

S xxx



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