Run Mommy Run…..

As I mentioned in a previous post my sister had found a learning to run group on Facebook a few weeks back and asked me if I would join with her. It was exactly the thing I needed as I really did want to go back running but the bum groove in the couch was keeping me hostage. It promised to be buggy friendly so I no longer had the baby as an excuse to hide behind. So 4 weeks ago we started running. Well…. shuffling. And panting and coughing and gasping and spluttering and trying to figure out how the hell we could back ourselves out of this stupid move.
But we finished that class and later that evening we got emailed some ‘homework’ to do during the week. And that weekend we met up and ran again. In that 4 weeks we have managed to knock almost 3 minutes off our pace and are covering a longer distance. I am delighted to be up and moving again and have found that I now have more energy to get up and go during the week. For once it is me asking friends if they want to join me for a walk instead of me saying “nah let’s no go walking let’s make cake instead.” The plan is that we will actually run the women’s mini marathon in September of this year. It is a long way yet but it will be a proud moment when we finish it. This is the link to the lady that we run with. She also does a bring your baby boot camp.  I have no experience of that class but can say she is brilliant to run with. She is always very motivational and focuses on the positives of every run. Thanks Ros.

On the cake front I have an engagement cake to do for a lifelong family friend this weekend. I am thinking about maybe doing my first proper cake tutorial. I will take pictures as I go and put something together for my next post. I also want to make something to give as a gift to the happy couple but will keep that a secret until Saturday.

***Sorry for the delay in this post I had a sad baby after her 4 month injections last week. But we are all back to normal again. So onwards and upwards again.***



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