Ups, downs and losing pounds.


Week 2 of the slimming world lifestyle was a bit more challenging than my week 1 experience. The initial let’s do this attitude was wearing thin and the whole house smelled like chocolate and baked things. I resisted temptation well but I allowed myself get distracted.  I didn’t plan my meals well, I skipped breakfast and I allowed myself to get too hungry too often. Although it was not as inspirational as my first weeks 5 and a half pound loss, I was still down. Just one pound, but still, I am continuing in the right direction.  I can’t lie and say I wasn’t disappointed at first. I was really hoping for the half stone this week, and with all my good behaviour even in the face of such fudgey chocolate goodness BUT a loss is a loss. It has made me more determined this week to kick some half stone ass, so that’s good.

I didn’t get a run in today as I have been miserable with a chesty cough and a head cold. However I plan on making up for it tomorrow so I’ll let you know how that goes. I did however start getting my little girls room ready. T has been rooming in with me but every girl needs her own room so I am.finally getting around to painting and decorating it. Hopefully Friday will be the bulk of the work and I will post some before and after pictures when we are done. Night night.


S xx


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