New Year New Me

On New Years eve last January I vowed to stop smoking once and for all. As I watched the fireworks outside my door at midnight I smoked my last cigarette and threw what was left of the pack in the bin. At this stage I was oblivious to the fact that I was pregnant, but finding out 2 weeks later was certainly an extra incentive in my quit campaign.  I haven’t smoked another cigarette since that night.  So this January I decided to try get back in shape post baby and post christmas over – indulgence.  I joined a local slimming world group with my sister and in return she signed me up for a running club once a week (baby and buggy in tow). I have to say for the most part I am enjoying it.

It’s about 2 weeks in since we started, (great start to my blogging life when 2 weeks pass by with no update. ..sorry) and I can see a huge difference in myself already. Maybe not in my waistline yet but definitely in my energy levels. I am actually bothering to get up off my arse and go for a walk or something instead of hibernating on the couch. I am also enjoying cooking again, and making a conscious effort to eat at least three meals a day. No more Mars bars for breakfast. In my first week at slimming world I lost 5 and a half pounds. I was so overwhelmed when I was told I can embarrassingly admit I welled up a bit.  Not so much because I had lost that much weight but more so because I had made so few changes that I was shocked how bad the Mars bar breakfasts had actually become. My bad. :/ Anyway that’s the update for now. I have weigh in tomorrow so I will post again afterwards and let everyone know how it goes.


S xx


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