My Cake Madness.

So I mentioned in my introduction that I liked baking. Well people will sometimes contact me to make them cakes for different events. I am not a trained baker I am just an enthusiast but I love looking at the creations at the end when they are done.  I hope to do some tutorials soon but in the mean time I will just show you some of the things I have created recently.
Last week I was tasked with making a rocky road converse shoe for a tenth birthday.  My kind of cake. Only I couldn’t even taste it what with slimming world going on. So I struggled through the overwhelming smell of chocolate in my house for three days and when I was finished I had one of the most fun cakes I have ever made.

For anyone who is wondering I used a modified version of Kevin Dundon ‘ chocolate biscuit cake ( I used double the recipe and I used equal amounts of milk and semi sweet chocolate. Using dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa solids makes for a very rich mixture, it might be a bit too rich for little people but would be perfect for a more grown up version.

As per the request I made a bright pink high top. And it went down well with everyone.



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