Life crisis.

I wanted this blog to be about my quarter life crisis but the term never gelled well with me. Mainly because at 25 now it would imply I am going to live to see 100 and as cool as that might be it is very unlikely. However the other side of it seems to suit my life perfectly.  According to Wikipedia, cosmopolitan and other websites of that sort, a quarter life crisis isn’t always a crisis, but it is a huge time of change and can be scary as it’s the time of our lives when we are expected to become proper grown ups. In the last 12 months I completed my first year of a nursing degree, so I am a student again, I also had a beautiful baby girl in September,  so I am a mom for the first time. It is different. I feel like a child trapped in a grown ups body sometimes, but I am figuring it out slowly.  It’s not always easy but I suppose I’ll get there in the end.

Anyways this blog is hopefully going to be a mish mash of lots of things that are happening in my life. I like to bake and craft, I am trying to loose weight after having my baby girl, I like to read although I don’t get much time to do it and I hope to share these things with anyone who cares to read about them. I can’t promise my posts will be regular,  I can’t even promise they will be interesting but they will be me.

So here’s to trying something new, long may it last.


S xx


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